Esta actividad tuve la suerte de realizarla en mis practicas del año pasado, y creo que es una forma diferente de trabajar contenidos matemáticos (seriaciones, mas grande que, formas, tamaños...), ademas de la psicomotricidad fina (la "pinza") de nuestros alumnos

Hanging cloths activity to work on life skills, language concepts, and fine motor! I am Thankful for Food and Clothing

A collage of some of the Montessori Practical Life activities in our classrooms. Practical life activities build a foundation on which the children will grow and carry over into the other areas of the classroom, and over in to their every day life. The Montessori Practical Life exercises respond to the need for Order, Movement, Sensorial Exploration and a Child's Love of Work. Practical Life activities feed their natural desire to work, and play an active role in their environment.

The practical life activity tray (Montessori) with the eyedroppers, colored water and ice cube trays would work well for fine motor practice during our water unit.

More fine motor skill activities

More Fine Motor Skills

Multiple activities to promote fine motor development in young children. This variety of activities will meet ECERS-R Fine Motor subscale. It will also meet multiple Fine Motor Domains (under Physical Development Standards) for and children.

Montessori DIY Activities at home at 12 months 1 year Montessori Child Toddler Care Pack

Montessori DIY Activities at home at 12 months 1 year Montessori Child Toddler Care Pack by rachelle


Marble transferring: a great activity to work on fine motor skills, twist it around by giving specific directions for each bottle (# of pebbles, colors, till which line to fill, etc)

Montessori tray activity

Montessori tray activity with marbels - a great fine motor activity! If you add a second plate and a dice, kids can play and practise math too!

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