Aqui começa a construção de uma linda família,simbolo maravilhoso,o coração para o amor.

22 Wedding Photo Ideas & Poses {Bridal Must Do!}

Would like to use this hand heart idea in my photoshoot but using my own "heart hands" to frame one of my own upholstered pieces :-)


Love this picture of Dad and Baby in Hospital Hallway. Perfect first picture. im kinda a sucker for daddy photos

Sessão de foto

I want to turn the clock back 30 years and start again with these photos but once you have missed them they wont come back and if you don't print everyone out back up your laptop so u will never lose them

Que fofo...

I wish I had a giant red tub! A bubble bath a smile & glass of wine seems like perfect end to a long week! Bubbles make everybody happy

dificil eu achar foto de recem nascido bonita. essa chegou a perfeiçao.

I normally don't really like this pictures of the baby in the bundle thing but this baby's face is so cute!


Ohhhh, Lauren Valentine, you MUST take this pic of your sweet babies! I may go into my twins' room and make them snuggle like this just for the picture.Nevermind that they're lo voglio pure io.

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Amanda Roeben is a fine art, natural light photographer located in Greenville, SC specializing in children and HS senior photography.

Oh my goodness this is seriously the cutest picture I have ever seen..ADORABLE

oh, how this picture touches my I remember my two little ones taking this same precious pose when I would trickle warm water on them at bath time.then they would laugh their sweet baby laugh. Memories, warm, lovely, and beautiful!

Smiling baby ;)

Meet the Babies of 'Babies' PonijaoThe eighth of nine children from a family living in rural Namibia, Ponijao is part of the Himba tribe. Balmes says the girl's family is "so full of joy and life.

Ideias para fotografar mãos de bebê | Macetes de Mãe

Ideias para fotografar mãos de bebê

16 Fotos divertidas de gestação, irmãos, família

16 Fotos divertidas de gestação, irmãos, família

Casamento feito à mão: Corações {mais inspirações}

Corações {mais inspirações}

I love the simple paper hanging hearts that look like they're cut from sheet music or novels! so cheap, but romantic and the lights and fabric on the poles!