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an image of a document with words on it
Teacher Shares How He Prepared And Executed A Super Detailed Plan On How To Punish 7 Slackers With Protective Parents
the tweet is being posted to someone on their cell phone, and it looks like
Titillating Text Posts With Greek & Roman Mythology Themes
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an article about the internet and how to use it
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Picture memes ulhTM6VL6 by Inquire_2018: 1.5K comments - iFunny
the tweet is being posted on twitter
an image of someone's twitter post about cerberus right now that he likes it
I don’t remember Cerberus being the father of monsters? Either way this is hilarious.
the tweet has been posted to someone on their phone
the tweet has been written to someone
the greek text is in black and white, with an image of goddesss on it
Gods and Goddesses Cheat Sheet, Grimoire Pages - Etsy
two people standing next to each other with the caption who did this??