zig-zab benches

Unique bench design for a public area – could be a creative way to utilize mandatory public art dollars.

How urban furniture is changing the city landscape #streetfurniture

The Escofet Slope is a contemporary and artistically designed urban street furniture bench by Marshalls.

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Plaza concept for Logan Square “el” station

In the space of a decade, the Circular Bench from Belgian designer Lucile Soufflet has attracted a growing number of European cities.

Zona Verde Campus De La Ciudadela / F451·Arquitectura

Zona Verde Campus De La Ciudadela / F451·Arquitectura

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Ferrater, Carlos: Botanical Garden, Barcelona, Spain: Architecture, Across the landscape

A Tulip Seat for Public Spaces | IDEAS

Tulpi-seats public seating, based on the Dutch national flower, the tulip. Tulpi-seats have been ‘planted’ all over the world

Love this...

Tianjin Bridged Gardens _ by Turenscape Design Institute. I appreciate the use of elevation, form and color to juxtapose this space with the formality of the surrounding hardscape/lawn. This is a possible driver for my outdoor classroom space(s)

El Bosque Urbano Vertical de Stefano Boeri: Bosco Verticale | Interiores

Construction is underway on Stefano Boeri's Bosco Verticale ('Vertical Forest'), twin apartment towers in Milan with cantilevered balconies boasting pollution-trapping, energy-saving lush trees and other vegetation.