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an old truck with flowers growing out of it
These 22 Charming Farms in Minnesota Will Make You Love The Country
21. Near Bass Lake, this farm has a repurposed old truck that will make every DIYer swoon!
an old car planter sitting in front of a building with plants growing out of it
AliCe aNd JaY
What?! Rusty rustic planter! Perfect for out back by the shop!
an old rusted truck is parked in a garage with potted plants on the floor
Our rusty Old Dodge Truck, at the moment a cool garden ornament near the back door.
an old truck is parked in the grass under a wooden structure with a picnic table attached to it
Image result for reclaimed wood cast iron bar
a red car with flowers growing out of it's tires in a garage area
Plutôt que de mettre leur véhicule à la casse, ils le réutilisent de manière incroyable
Pour certains, envoyer un véhicule à la casse quand celui-ci ne peut plus servir est un vrai crève-coeur ! Que ce soit parce que le véhicule en question est un véhicule de collection ou simplement parce que vous avez trop de bon souvenirs d’aventures et de vacances dans votre voiture, il peut s’avérer compliqué de …