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a computer keyboard sitting on top of a table
ZX Spectrum's chief designers reunited 30 years on
OK, this is a major milestone for the ZX Spectrum (30 years-old today), an amazing piece of kit. However, if you ever owned a Commodore 64 / 128, then you will know that it was the nuts and kicked it the Sprectrum in the bottom. One channel of sound, ppppplease.... Design wise, lovely to look at, nightmare to use,
an old style portable cd player sitting on top of a table
Commodore SX-64 portable computer
Commodore SX-64 Executive – World's first mobile computer.
a close up of an old fashioned tape recorder with the word commandore on it
Commodore 64 datasette
the history of computers and their uses infographical poster - computer technology / information
Online Marketing Nieuws: Digital marketing nieuws, onderzoeken, marketing trends – Nieuws online Marketing, e-commerce nieuws, cijfers, trends, strategie, presentaties, whitepapers, video's
INFOGRAPHICS: Van Commodore 64 tot iPad
an old fashioned computer sitting on the floor next to it's keyboard and mouse
Commodore 64 - Wikipedia
Commodore 64
an old computer with a keyboard and monitor on it's side, in front of a white background
Personal Computers In 1979. The Apple II.
Apple ][ - memories. My first computer