DIY Bathroom Storage Shelves Made From Wooden Crates

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This is what I wantvinstead of real flowers that way I can keep them forever DIY Beautiful Ribbon Rose


DIY Cardboard Decorated Fireplace DIY Cardboard Decorated Fireplace (I first pinned this thinking it was a miniature. But this is more for decorating for Halloween, set decorating, or a starting point for making cardboard furniture or shelving)

Crazy craft! esto implica un dejo de genialidad!

Thnk I will do this in my bathroom to see if Bryan notices.Learn to make a toilet paper origami boat where the boat is still attached to the toilet paper roll." you might say, but seriously, this is a cute design which you won't

Si usted no tiene una chimenea, pero aún desea colgar medias y decorar una repisa de la chimenea, se puede elaborar uno de cartón! El uso de tableros de cartón (las estudiantes utilizan para proyectos de ciencia), se puede construir una chimenea realista (y ligero). Este simple DIY puede cambiar todo su espacio de vida y realmente crear el ambiente para unas vacaciones mágicas de la Navidad! instrucciones de bricolaje aquí: / ...

How to Make a Cardboard Christmas Fireplace

If you don't have a fireplace, but still want to hang stockings and decorate a mantel, you can craft one out of cardboard! Using cardboard display boards (ones students use for science projects), you can build a realistic (and lightweight) fireplace.

Decoración reciclando cajas de pizzas:

Decoración reciclando cajas de pizzas

Decoración reciclando cajas de pizzas ~ OK -- I just couldn't use a pizza box -- certainly that would attract unwanted guests!