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Thalia Barbarova, 1920s

"Opulent brocade shawls like the one on actress Thalia Barbarova's chair were popular, with some of the more luxurious coming from France." Scanned from the book "Decades of Fashion".

Vintage Vogue -1920's

Wonderful collection of fashion images from [ mostly] Vogue Magazines.See My vintage Vogue

Bessie Smith | Legends of Blues

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Photos: Predicting the Roaring 20s Fashion on Downton Abbey Season Three—Including Mary’s Wedding Dress

Twenty-one guesses—using authentic period photography—on what we’ll see in 2013.

What it costs to be a well-dressed flapper (1926)

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Anita Page

Magazine Photograph Circa 1928 MGM: Photographer C.S. Bull This photograph is from a magazine photo shoot for Anita Page, another famous actress of the 1920s and 30s. She and many of the other actresses of the time were the envy of every American teenage girl, to the dismay of ever American mother. Local PTAs joined together to try and ban sleeveless, above the knee dresses, and stockings even bobbed hair. The chant of the young women of America was, “I can show my shoulders, I can show my…

Aviation's glamour girl - Ruth Elder | Time and Navigation

Le top photo de Paris Photo

Guide éphémère à l’usage des curieux, acheteurs, ou collectionneurs en quête de photographes singuliers à découvrir, et plus si affinités, au salon Paris Photo, à Paris. De 900 à 76 300 euros le tirage, tournée à l’œil parmi les 46 galeries françaises présentes au Grand Palais, du 13 au 16 novembre.

Vintage Sewing Pattern Instructions 1920's Flapper Basic | Etsy

This is an E-book with instructions on how to sew several different styles of 1920's lingerie WITHOUT USING A PAPER PATTERN! The instructions are quite easy and will make sense to an intermediate or above sewing enthusiast. Instructions include how to make the designs to your exact measurements. Included are directions for long or short slips, step-ins (teddy or camiknickers) and a couple of children's' shifts. Year: 1924. Picture 2 shows all of the variations that can be made using these…

Vintage Lingerie: Lingerie in the 1920s

I have a very soft spot in my heart for lingerie from the 1920s. I especially love vintage teddies, chemises, and vintage step-ins. Vintage ...


Colourful, exuberant, fun-loving....1920 ushered in a decade of great optimism. It was a time when the rules were broken, new territories explored...when women broke free from many of the sartorial and social restrictions that had plagued their mothers and grandmothers.

a man with a past

Lee Miller for British Vogue, 15 April 1932, Horst P. Horst. (1906 - 1999)

Art Deco

les-modes: “ Dinner dress by Jean Patou, Les Modes July 1928. Photo by Wide World Photos. ”