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paper snowflakes are arranged in different shapes and sizes, including one with an arrow
the instructions for how to draw an elephant and other animals in different positions on paper
Marker sketch | Moments that matter
a notebook with drawings of cats and dogs on it
a drawing of naruto from the anime avatar series, with his face drawn in black and white
⋆ Narutinho
Créditos: @hohuadraw.
a drawing of a bird sitting on top of a tree branch in front of the moon
a drawing of someone holding two electric toothbrushes in their right hand and pointing to the opposite direction
Dibujo 😊
a piece of paper that has been cut into two cats with a heart on it
Presentes fofos feito a mão #8
someone holding up a card with a drawing of a teddy bear and heart on it
Милый рисунок