Great Tips on how to mend clothes in cute and clever ways!

Well-Mended Wardrobe - great tips on mending clothes in cute ways. Love this jeans patch idea . it'll save those expensive ripped jeans my girls wear that end up with holes that are too big or too inappropriately placed to wear to school anymore ;


Easy to sew batwing top - great starter project for learning how to work with jersey knit fabric

Kimono DIY tutorial

DIY kimono from a scarf tutorial. i didnt care for the outfit ideas, just the picture of how to sew the kimono. SO EASY!


Pattern Free Blouse #3

Moldes Moda por Medida: CALÇA FÁCIL DE FAZER-12

Molde de calça estampada com medidas e passo a passo

L'idée de l'année!

Make a DIY modesty panel to fit over your bras. Cute layering idea for under those shirts that dip too low. I am tired of wearing tank tops all the time! Too many layers!