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a girl with long blonde hair smiling and holding a cell phone in her hand while wearing a white t - shirt
Yeri RedVelvet❤181024 Art, Edit, Korea
Yeri RedVelvet❤181024
Sooyoung, Red Velvet Irene, Korean Girl
Meu amorzinho ❤️♥️ Idol, Irene
Meu amorzinho ❤️♥️
a woman sitting on the ground in front of a tree
Korean tumblr
Red Velvet Smtown
Yeri Red velvet
Yeri Red velvet
Fashion, Korean Singer, Celebs, My Girl, Beautiful
the girl is wearing an orange skirt and green sweater
🎆: Photo
Yeri Redvelvet Kpop, Korean Female, Kpop Girl Bands, Appreciation Post, Girl Bands, South Korean Girls
fyeah! red velvet: Photo
a woman in a black dress holding a cake on top of her head with both hands
Fandom, Lady, Pop, Casual
Bonito, Pink, Girls Generation
a girl with flowers in her hair and leaves on her head is looking at the camera