Luiz Felippe Marques Perrella

Luiz Felippe Marques Perrella

Luiz Felippe Marques Perrella
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This infographic/cheat sheet from Zippi might be helpful for those looking to get out of auto mode and gaining more control over their cameras. While section 1 is much more for those shooting with film the rest is relevant for digital photography. We’ve included some more further reading on getting out of auto mode and …

The Manual Photographer’s Cheat Sheet: A Comprehensive Infographic for Beginners. As beneficial as the more automated style of photography can be at times, nothing quite compares to the control and connection you feel when shooting fully manual.

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Basic Digital Photography Exposure Guide Infographic is one of the best Infographics created in the category. Check out Basic Digital Photography Exposure Guide now!

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Brand New Photography Cheat Sheet to help you master your digital camera. Master the Manual Setting and understand all that your camera has to offer.

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9 Weird Photography Tips (That Actually Work! I love knowing handy tips like that!


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The 8 Best Inexpensive Canon Lenses I have used a few of these and can't deny they are really great lenses!there's usually a really good reason the 'expensive' cameras cost so much more.

A Globe Well Travelled - How To Take Photos Of The Night Sky. Very good guide for photographers that want to learn how to shoot aurora How to take photos of the night sky / A Globe Well Travelled:

How to Use the Rule of Thirds Effortlessly. Find out how easy it really is at

The “rule of thirds,” one of the main rules of photography, helps you get well balanced and interesting pictures.