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a poster with an image of a woman dancing
• Love Your Body •
With souls made of flames. We are all just stars that have people names. {Love Your Body, Body Positivity}
an open book with the words miaa written on it and flowers in front of it
Highly recommended 🔗
a feminist is any woman who tells the truth about her life by virgina wool
Virginia Woolf Feminist Quote
a black and white drawing of a cartoon character touching a dog's nose with the caption, sometimes memories sneak out of my eyes and roll down my cheeks
the words, every cell in your body is eavesdroping on your thoughts
Five Surprising Ways Your Life Can Transform When You Open Up To Fresh Energy!
a ceramic ornament with a quote on it that says i am always doing what i cannot to do yet in order to learn how to do it
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3 Great Questions To Ask Yourself To Help Reduce Your Worries... ⋆ BRILLIANCE WITHIN
two hands holding each other in front of a white background with the words, i release myself from versions of me that i created to survive
an image with the words, the magic you're looking for is in the work you're avoiding
a piece of paper with writing on it that says we cannot't shame ourselves into change, we can only love ourselves into evolution
We Cannot Shame Ourselves Into Change - Erica Diamond
the words are written in black and white on a white background with an image of a person's face
For a sword.
an advertisement for the oposte of craving is saying i accept the here and now fully