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there are several stuffed mushrooms sitting on the shelf next to each other in different colors
Gnome village
a close up of a mushroom with a face on it
a close up of a toy mushroom with hearts on it's head and arms
The Menagerie of Inscrutable Magic by BonjourPoupette on Etsy | Stuffed mushrooms, Mushroom person,
an orange and green gnome figurine is standing on the grass with his hand up
Design International Group LDG89204 Garden Statue, 12 by 6.9-Inch, Bashful
a statue of a gnome sitting on the window sill
a garden gnome holding a green plant on top of a tree stump
Sieben Zwerge Zwerg Design-5 37 cm 50003-5 Garten Gartenzwerg Figuren Dekoration