This Phalaenopsis equestris is shown in a clear plastic pot. We prefer these pots for all of our phals. The clear pots allow us the opportunity to see the root growth to be sure it remains healthy, and these types of orchids do exceptionally well in clear pots. Phals also exhibit photosynthesis thru the roots, though that most likely contributes little to total plant photosynthesis.

Phalaenopsis equestris - Light: Shade Temperature: Warm to Hot Watering: Damp and lightly dry between Origin: Philippines

idea: these 'strings' on these shelves are actually metal, but this would be a cool configuration for a diy rope/dowel shelf. Bridge Shelves by Outofstock.

Orchid: Dendrobium bigibbum - Flower symbol of the state of Queensland, Australia - Flickr - Photo Sharing

The Cooktown Orchid: Dendrobium bigibbum - Flower-symbol of the state of Queensland, Australia

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Top 10 DIY Garden Decoration Ideas

Hanging Basket Garden DIY steps this is a great idea, you could plant herbs in these baskets or a little veggie garden, also hang in the house as extra storage in a bedroom or a craft room

Paphiopedilum liemianum

Paphiopedilum: Facts, Discussion Forum, and Encyclopedia Article

Dendrobium loddigesii - Flickr - Photo Sharing!

loddigesii is from Laos, southern China and Hong Kong. Plants are usually found at but has been reported growing as low as

Cattleya walkeriana - Flickr - Photo Sharing!

A small plant with a large flower. One of my favourite Cattleya species.

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