Cat. Anime e mangá.

I post adorable anime girls. Also, vanilla theme because there's too many friggin complicated themes and I have no idea how to navigate around them.

It's me when in coffe Cafe alone. Lol. #coffee #anime

why does this remind me of(highschool) Kara? The aditude perhaps? Or the "that's nice V" air?

Bastion's bird has plans... #Overwatch

Bastion's bird has plans...

Anyone Else out There Share the Firmly Held Belief That Bastion’s the Mere Puppet of the Bird?

Garota Anime e seu Gato Branco

Picture of Olivia Wallace my new rp character and her pet kitten/albino tiger, Luna


I think I figured out the difference between Lag and glitches. Lag is when the game slows down. Glitch is when codes in the game go wrong. Like this picture for example. If I'm right then this is not lag



"Parenting Part - I" ( EU Germaney France )by Baron koleye of kolaje #polandball #countryball #flagball

Parenting in Europe

Vocaloids - Gumi

Papuan Jellyfish Mastigias Papua, Palau Print By Hiroya Minakuchi