Weird Sea Creatures

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Oryana Bakery

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Gallery - Animal aviators: Unusual creatures take to the skies - Image 1 - New Scientist Weird Sea Creatures, Ascension Island, Sky New, Life Under The Sea, Sky Images, Cool Photos, Amazing Photos, Marine Life, Science Nature

Animal aviators: Unusual creatures take to the skies

Gliding is a skill many animals have mastered – even some that don't have wings. Meet six of the strangest

A prehistoric looking horseshoe crab is bathed in the warm light of the morning sunrise on the Chesapeake Bay. Weird Sea Creatures, Prehistoric Creatures, Horseshoe Crab, Leagues Under The Sea, Shorebirds, Beach Walk, Animals Of The World, Photos Of The Week, Science And Nature

Ancient Survivors

Horseshoe crabs, velvet worms – snails, clams, lizards and more. We’ll explore the world’s oldest creatures. Survivors. Untouched by time.

mantis shrimp images - sorry, we only have 3 color receptors. Mantis shrimp wins with Beautiful Creatures, Animals Beautiful, Cute Animals, Beautiful Fish, Mantis Shrimp, Underwater Life, Ocean Creatures, Underwater Creatures, Ponds

We Got the Story on Tomorrow’s Total Riff Off on TV From RiffTrax and Mystery Science Theater Star Kevin Murphy

We talked to former Mystery Science Theater 3,000 cast member Kevin Murphy (Tom Servo) about returning to TV with RiffTrax in Total Riff Off on National Geographic.

Small hermit and soldier crabs in Malaysia and Australia build their home digging a deep hope in the sand on a beach. They got a good idea of how to move sand up during his construction. Weird Sea Creatures, Crab Nebula, Sand Art, Science And Nature, Aerial View, Photo Art, Nature Photography, Crabs, Awesome

Tiny Crab Unintentionally Makes Awesome Sand Art (Photos)

Some artists are prone to being a bit aloof, but in nature there's a sculptor that may be crabbiest of all.