Canon la petite trousse rectangulaire !!

How to make cute block zipper pouch / handbag. DIY photo tutorial and template pattern

Felt cactus pincushion tutorial,

Pin cusion put of felt - cactus! We are loving this cute little sewing companion. I’d add a tiny felt flower in pink or purple too! Felt cutting in light green Sewing thread in white Filler / polyfill Fittingly small…

organisateur de sac

A Simple Way To Switch Bags or Purses in Seconds

Use a craft store organizer to tidy up purse contents and make it easy to switch between bags - this one from Michael's Try the dollar store too.

little mouse

Reminds me of the cute mice in Cinderella! lief klein muisje - little mouse pattern

9cm x 11cm x 9.5cm

Viva Decor Gift Box Stencil - Alarm Clock #16

tuto pochon chouette kit

Tuto Cadeau Pochon -Couture

I dont speak French, but I love little bags like this ESP for my daughters little toys.


She Cuts Off The Leg Of An Old Pair Of Jeans. What She Makes Is Just Too Cute!