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Lots of pattern links and tutorials. This is Huck Embroidery otherwise known as Swedish darning.

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My mother, sister, grandmother and I used to do this when I was about Called huck toweling.

Vintage cotton huck towel ~ swedish weaving embroidery ~ pink design

Vintage cotton huck towel ~ swedish weaving embroidery ~ pink design

Swedish weaving on a tea towel - photo from Finspi; This type of needle work is usually done with a dull needle on Monk's cloth or Huck cloth, with the thread woven through the "floats" on one side, so stitches do not show on the back.

In Sweden, vävsöm meaning weaving stich, has been around since the middle ages. It was used to copy patterns. Often it is difficult to tell if it's woven or embroiderd. It's still popular with swedish handicrafters.

Aw, HUCK work

Huck work/ Swedish Weaving///my sister who just passed at the tender age of 57 made some of these as a handfasting gift for me.

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Huck Weaving

Asciugamani ricamati Huck Weaving - punto filza


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