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a woman sitting at a table with flowers in her hand and a glass of wine
#grwm #brunchoutfit #butterfly #backlessdress
a handwritten poem from an unknown person on white paper with black ink and writing
the words are written in black and white on a beige background with an orange flower
Love it! 💛🙏🏼
Lovely words, in my own lane, time to nourish, self care at its finest
congratulationss on breaking out of that dysfunctional pattern three years ago, you wouldn't have made the decision you're making now celebrate your growth
Self Healing Quotes
It’s coming
an image of a quote from the book she had this weird habitt of being herself all the time that's why not everyone liked her
someone is holding up a book with a poem on it
’ @nataliademeloo ✨
a poem written in green ink on white paper with the words you have your own life to live