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Had a lot of fun drawing Babs and its no wonder why; her color palette is my all time favorite (browns, whites, and blues)! TAB; Babs © dCTb All work done in GIMP Related:

I don't know why I draw Babs more often.she's my favorite kind of girl to draw and color so ofc I had A LOT of fun with this sketch batch. Babs © ctchrysler<< dude this shit is rad right here now lemme tell ya sonny


Meet the Artist: Kim Bum (Vindictus) This other main Artist on Vindictus (Mabinogi Heroes) Has quite a huge collection of artwork! Not much is known about Kim Bum, but for sure he has one of.

O Blog do Bega: Heroínas pra lá de sensuais

Female NPC Sketch by Stanley "Artgerm" Lau. If you want naked human sexbomb enchantress or sorceress, this is how it's done. Without stupid, scarce armor.