Oiiii, tudo bom? Ultimamente eu ando meio maníaca por quadros e posters. Passo horas olhando referencias no Pintrest e em sites de decoração. Minha ultima descoberta, e atual paixão, são os posters em preto e branco. As composições em P&B dão um cara Clean e sofisticada ao ambiente. Ambientes com posters em preto e…

So thankful for the beautiful people we work with and our amazing clients! We hope you all have a happy Thanksgiving! Peace and love to you all!

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its simple, isn't it? all i want is to be happy. for those around me to be happy. to be true. to enjoy life and eachother. love and happiness is everything!

the amount of blessings in each day don't amount to all the bad things in my entire life there are so many things to be thankful for

Loud Whispers & Quotes from the salt air⊰⛵ ."Because when you stop and look around life is pretty AMAZING"

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