Me parece muito exagero, mas não custa ficar atento.

Tourist Scams to Watch Out for This Summer

Thinking about traveling this summer? We get warned every year, but watch out for tourist scams when traveling abroad. Check out this very cool infographic that tells you just about every tourist scam in existence.

Peru Travel Cheat Sheet; | PicadoTur - Consultoria em Viagens | Agencia de viagem | | (13) 98153-4577 | Temos whatsapp, facebook, skype, twitter.. e mais! Siga nos|

I traveled Peru, Galapagos Islands (Ecuador), and Colombia with my then girlfriend. The countries and people we visited were beautiful, the memories will last a lifetime.

Top 150 Secret Destinations. Without expert advice, falling into the local tourist traps can be all too easy. Our 57,000+ members provide others with local tips and advice, from the best restaurants and bars to the most interesting museums and galleries. We've analysed more than 700,000 of these tips, and compiled a list of the most popular recommendations. Check out our definitive guide to the world's top destinations, and holiday like a local.

Top 150 Secret Destinations: The Definitive Local Travel Guide [Infographic] - Locals recommend the best tourist spots in their home cities.

Italian Travel Phrases Cheat Sheet #fluffyhero9

Italian Travel Phrases Cheat Sheet- this is like 10 levels of duolingo in one page

Guide to #travel in #india know where to go and what to eat

▷ Volunteer in India

Como Dizer Eu Te Amo Ao Redor Do Mundo - Não Intendo

Como Dizer Eu Te Amo Ao Redor Do Mundo

Egypt Travel Cheat Sheet; Sign up at for high-res images. Egypt | مصر

Egypt Travel Infographic - If you are thinking about visiting Egypt then you will find this Egypt travel piece very useful.