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Awww, and dying inside.

I ship percabeth and Solangelo I can't do this. Good drawing though.just pretend percy has blond hair and make him Will.<<< I still ship perico although percabeth is my otp

Pernico is so cute

Read Friends (Chapter from the story Love is no game (Nico di Angelo x reader) by with 260 reads.

Older Nico Di Angelo and Leo Valdez being bros

Older Nico and Percy playing video games, they are totally like brothers :D Nico with his tattoos 😍 could this be anymore attractive ❤️

Percico. I don't ship it, but I love the idea and the fanart

quick as winking (a scene from kaikamahine’s insanely gorgeous Percy/Nico fic, Kiss a Boy in Tokyo Town, which Boa recommended a while ago and which I fell completely in love with)