Marmel / packaging for sweet shop by Diana Polar

Marmel / packaging for sweet shop by Diana Polar ---- ooo these colors feel new, modern, yet cozy. Perfect for a sweet shop :)

O branding desta empresa é muito Fofo! Também ficaria bem legal para um negócio de cupcake.

This is really more of a corporate identity stationary suite mixed with a custom packaging design. Raspberry - Vegan and Organic Confectionery by Anna Warda is simple yet appealing popular packaging design.

Logo e embalagem

Fofi chocolat packaging on Behance via lo Anto curated by Packaging Diva PD. Branding for a chocolate store, yummy.

ice cream packaging

Beautiful new packaging and branding for American icecream and coffee house Hot Cup Cold Spoon = loooove this retro design


Anatomia do Brigadeiro

Brigadeiro: sweetened condensed milk cream chopped semi sweet chocolate 20 g cocoa powder---- Melt chocolate, join all in saucepan, low heat, cook 20 min stir constantly till pulls from pan. Transfer and let cool, role with greased hands and decorate.