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german pronouns with the words in different languages, including one for each
German pronouns: a fun beginner's guide - Busuu Blog
the words in different languages are arranged into a circle with each word written on it
Jabba German on Twitter
three different colors with the words der, das and die in each color scheme on them
Немецкий язык
an image of a diagram with words in different languages and colors, including the word dis
der das oder die?
a table with different types of data and numbers in each language, including the words
the german words are in different languages
a piece of paper with some writing on it
Learn German on X
an image of a page with words in german
a piece of paper with writing on it that says, don't write stuff
the german dictionary has been changed to include different words and numbers, including one for each language
the words are written in red and green on a white background with black letters that spell out
Gemeinsam Deutsch lernen und verstehen
an animal chart with different animals and their names in german, english and german words
Deutsch lernen on X
the german language poster shows different fruits and vegetables