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Poster to lazy people

Too lazy, busy, or strapped for cash to take a vacation? Caldwell Turner of College Humor has you covered with a series of travel posters that encourage you to venture no further than the kitchen. Full collection at College Humor. Go on a real vacay.

Conceito bem massa

Chladni figures are patterns that appear on surfaces when they are made to vibrate at certain resonances. It sounds dry, but throw in some sand and just the right frequencies and it becomes an amazing video art project.

The Last Airbender/Star Wars <3

To celebrate The Legend of Korra getting an official release date, we give you Avatar Wars! It's the creation of David Filoni from Star Wars: Clone Wars who also worked as a storyboard artist and character developer at Avatar: The Last Airbender!

I know that feel, bro.

Can you get all of these pictures? Here is the first one: Harry Potter: Its hard being an orphan hero Batman: I know that feel, bro. Can you get all of these pictures?

Esse relógio

Designed by Audun Ask Blaker, the Lineær clock initially looks like any other clock, but upon closer inspection you find out that the time is written on a continually rotating scroll, emphasising that time is in perpetuity.