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Iran Politics Club: Persian Warrior Queens, Princesses, Commanders 2 – Ahreeman X

Shirin Persian Sassanian Empress Shahbanu of Iran Wife of Khosrow Parviz.

Cyrus 2, dit le grand est le roi fondateur de l'empire Perse, il marque alors un tournant dans l'histoire du monde antique.

Cyrus the great is the founding king of the Persian Empire, it then marks a turning point in the history of the ancient world.

Youtab Aryobarzan was the Commander of Achaemenid Army, sister of the legendary Persian Hero, General Aryobarzan, she stood side by side to her brother and fought the Greeks and Macedonians to death during the invasion of Alexander. The name “Youtab” means: “Unique.”

Youtab, of Persia, was the sister of the Satrap of Persis. She and her brother fought against Alexander the Great in the Battle of the Persian Gate.

Mandana - Mother of Cyrus the Great

Historical Persian Queens, Empresses, Warriors, Generals of the Ancient Persia

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