Não da pra falar nada. ❤️

I find it odd how much he changed in the series. I think he changed alot physically but also as an actor. I love Daniel Radcliffe

Dobby esta... feliz... de esta com seu amigo, Harry ... Potter. | • Pinterest: @raftvs

Harry and Dobby (R.P) was crying in the cinema at this part of the movie now every time i watch the movie i always cry - poor Dobby, u will alway be remembered and in my heart

Harry Potter A-Z

A very Potter alphabet: Albus Black Cho Draco Elf Filch Granger Hagrid Igor James Kingsley Lestrange Mad-Eye Neville Ollivander Potter Quirrell Remus Snape Tonks Umbridge Voldemort Weasley Xenophilius Yaxley Zabini

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