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Depois disso não precisava nem acertar o objetivo principal... rs kung fu basesball! lol! Japanese Girl does awesome flip first pitch.

"Hot Korean Girl First Pitch" ^^^^ That's what the original pinned said. I would say "Talented pitcher KILLS it!" She's too awesome to describe as just a "hot Korean girl.


People that are winning at life GIFS. Funny photos and GIFS of people that just have the luck of life. People with all the luck. Things going right.

Para comer na manhã do dia 25: panqueca americana! // Receitas de pratos salgados, rápidos e fáceis! :-) // palavras-chave: receita, passo a passo, tutorial, gastronomia, cozinha, receita, panqueca americana, café da manhã, o que servir de café da manhã, surpresa

OLD FASHIONED PANCAKES. I didn't know pancakes could taste like this. I will never buy boxed mix again, as this is so easy! Stir together wet dry ingredients. Pour cup batter over skillet on medium heat. Flip when bubbly and serve.