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One of design that i love mostly, is a part of a brand identity called "Jooy", similar app to Yelp. Soon i will show all the brand in its entirety, hope you like it!

Hi guys, this is an unused icon that I drafted but rejected by the client. Thanks mates!

Cook Book iOS Icon - has potential. Maybe the book is a schedule planner and the inset incorporates utensils and timers

UI and UX design plays a huge role in whether people adopt your software, app or website.

Saluto Italia by Inna Zinevich

Daily UI It& a food app, This app can help you cook a lot of delicious food, For example: strawberry cake.

Daily UI It's a Surplus App. You could check the goods at home or company what you want to buy, the number of remaining in the supermarket. If these goods are very urgent, you could pre-order.

91 Beautiful List UI for Mobile Apps

Daily UI It& food app for black pepper steak~ Hope you like it.