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a person is holding something in their hand with beads on the table next to them
МК браслета на ЧАСЫ⌚. Часть 1. Микромакраме.
МК браслета на ЧАСЫ⌚. Часть 1. Микромакраме. - YouTube
an angel doll with white hair and pink heart shaped ears on a gray surface surrounded by hearts
Anioł z wełny czesankowej
an angel doll with long white hair and a pink dress on it's back
Macrame half hitch diamond pattern
Add this easy pattern to your next macrame wall hanging!
three people are holding up some white towels
Hacer este nudo es muy sencillo y queda muy bonito. También me podéis encontrar en Instagram 😉
Macrame pattern for beginners ✨
Modern knot tutorial for macrame projects(snake knot variation)マクラメ/つゆ結びのアレンジ
Vertical Lark's Head Knot Picot diamond chain pattern for beginners.