Luciana Brasil

Luciana Brasil

São Paulo - Brasil
Luciana Brasil
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Malababa bags are designed and manufactured with a special affection, natural skin and treated with utmost care. Only then colors and textures are achieved Malababa

DIY from Hey Gorgeous

DIY Dixie Cup Light Garland -hang in backyard trees/ garden area. -pack of 100 Dixie Cups -scissors & an X-acto knife -scrapbook paper in desired colors -white Christmas lights (LED is best) -double sided tape -a pencil

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Alex Varanese.

alex varanese: tortured artist, rogue scientist and international playboy

what came first?

Egg Shell Chicken UK designer and model artist Kyle Bean has created an ironic project called What Came First? – a visual pun based on the saying, by crafting a chicken from egg shells.