Luciana Delicio

Luciana Delicio

Sao Paulo
Luciana Delicio
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Mug Gifts

Mug Gifts - DIY - "Purchase a plain mug and adorn with ribbon. For a handmade tea tag, cut a small piece of paper and decorate appropriately. Tie to purchased or homemade tea bags. Tuck in cinnamon sticks for added smell and taste.

Cherry limeade recipe

Homemade Cherry Limeade 3 cups of cherries, pitted 2 limes, quartered (peel on) 6 cups water ½ – ¾ cups of sugar, honey or your favorite sweetener Ice Garnish: Cherries and lime slices

Cupcake Burgers by nadia

"Juicy Lucy" Burger Cupcakes by Tablespoon. The Juicy Lucy Burger Cupcake is everything that you would expect a faux bun studded with sesame seeds, a stylized application of various icings and colored coconut for visual tomfoolery.