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Naruto x Hinata. #naruhina

"And I'm here to stay. Nothing can separate us. You cradle me gently." Lyrics from Wrapped In Your Arms by Fireflight. I need to write a NaruHina song fic for this one.


Older Sarada Uchiha she looks like Sakura a little now

Anime picture original xxxsenon single tall image short hair looking at viewer blonde hair red eyes simple background open clothes open jacket red hands in pockets male jacket hood zipper locket respirator 426846 en

Tags: Fanart, NARUTO, Hatake Kakashi, deviantART, Pakkun, PNG Conversion, Fanart From DeviantART, Bosmitze

In order to continue his life after Obito and Rin died, Kakashi is assigned to Anbu, where he manages to become one of the most skillful members. This drawing was made by: Bosmitze.