Una infografía que nos presenta, a modo de listado, un total de quince bancos de imágenes libres, para descargar y utilizar en nuestros proyectos.

Quince bancos de imágenes libres en una infografía

Meio sexualidado, mas ainda uma boa referência pra estúdio.

Girl Silhouettes

Girl Silhouettes Nice and High Detail Silhouettes. in this items onsists of : Ai ( open with adobe illustrator ) EPS ( open with adobe illustrator or applications that supports eps file ) PNG ( open with adobe photoshop ) SVG ( open with ink

Great poses for senior girls. Take a look at these poses and practice in a mirror before your shoot. It's amazing the difference a fun pose can make.

82 sitios para descargar recursos creativos

82 sitios para descargar recursos creativos #infografia #infographic #design

16 Facts About Sleep | Psychology Degree

16 Things You Didn't Know About Sleep. Knew them. but i like reminding myself about the sleep position thing.

The best apps for education

Educational infographic & Data Best iOS Apps For Mobile Learning - infographic. Image Description Best iOS Apps For Mobile Learning - infographic

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I have no idea what this infographic says. If it was designed better visually I wouldn't need to know another language to understand it.