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an old man with a long white beard holding a staff in his hand and standing on snow covered ground
Druid, Tomasz Ryger
Sacerdote bárbaro
an image of a wizard holding a staff
ArtStation - Explore
an old man holding a staff and standing in the woods with two wolfs next to him
[Conquer Age: Clash of Empires] Merlin, Rakuen .
an old man with long hair holding a staff
The magic of the Internet
a man dressed in green holding a stick and wearing a hooded jacket with fur on it
Druida - D&D 5 Edição - Classes | Orbe dos Dragões
character concept, Joey Tan
character concept, Joey Tan
Thor, Fantasy Armor, Fantasy Heroes, Viking Warrior
Man of the North by ARTOFJUSTAMAN on DeviantArt
Avatar, Fantasy Character Art
Cast your soul to the sea