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20 Fotos De Pássaros Cuidando De Seus Filhotes Que Vão Aquecer Seu Coração

Cada dia 5 de janeiro, dezenas de crianças nos Estados Unidos acordam animadas com a perspectiva de observação de aves. O Dia Nacional do Pássaro, agora em seu 14º ano, é dedicado à observação e preservação dos nossos amigos emplumados.Para aqueles de vocês que não puderam sair para

Blue-and-gold Macaw

[Source] Blue-and-Gold Macaw (Ara ararauna), also known as theBlue-and-Yellow Macaw, is a large blue (top parts) and yellow (underparts) South American parrot, a member of the large group of Neotropical parrotsknown as Macaws. It inhabits forest (especially versa, but also in open sections ofterra firma (non-flooded forest) and in the woodland of tropical South America. 1 Description 2 Distribution 3 Rio 4 Rio 2 5 Gallery 6 Trivia Blue and gold macaws can reach around 33 inches (83 cm) long…

Green-winged Macaws

I shot this handheld, braced against a wiggly rope bridge. I must have taken at least 25 shots to get one free of blur, and with the parrots in a good pose. The exif shows just how close to the D1x's limits I was with this one. I've noticed that mirror slap becomes a problem at speeds around 1/60th of a second when using the 80-200 f2.8. Setting anti-mirror-shock mode on helps eliminate that, but there's a significant blackout time between mirror up and the shutter firing. There's a fair bit…

Mystery Bird of November

What amazing color! Looks like a band on the right leg, so someone must be able to identify this beauty. Great photography Sergiu. OK, someone, tell us who he is… There are so many excellent …

20 Fotos de Bichos!

Glamour e cultura popular. Música, moda, decoração, tecnologia, curiosidades, natureza, luxo, futilidades e muito mais. Às vezes, um papo sério.

Icterus gularis, Altamira Oriole image

Discover Life's page about the biology, natural history, ecology, identification and distribution of Icterus gularis, Altamira Oriole image

Tucán piquiverde – Keel-billed Toucan – Fischertukan – Toucan à carène - My Animal Blogs

Tucán piquiverde - Keel-billed Toucan - Fischertukan - Toucan à carène