50 Pins
three different views of the same product on display
Milky Mood Student Packaging Design - World Brand Design Society
there are many different colored cups with faces on them and the words choose your character
Лучшая упаковка июня
an assortment of stationery items displayed on top of a brown table with orange and black designs
THE LEGENDS / wall calendar
a man standing on top of a mountain with the words mighty mountain in front of him
Mighty Mountain Font (243239)
an ice cream cup with the word acai printed on it's front and side
the logo for doro roo is shown in black and white on a yellow background
Social Media | Dororó®
a red background with the words, hola hot and lake austin
shake 'n wake
the logo for ben did't comida is shown in different colors and font
a bunch of bananas that are on top of each other in the same color scheme
Amazing Food Logo Design.