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Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Psychedelic Drawing illustration black and white sketch

mountain  colagem

This example of photomontage is interesting because it combines a mountain range with a vintage photo of a little boy with whipped cream. It is a light hearted image and pairs well with the light nature of the whipped cream.

As Colagens de Eugenia Loli

As Colagens de Eugenia Loli

With roast dinners made of gemstones, planes dropping boiled-sweet bombs and a girl sipping from a brain with a straw, artist Eugenia Loli’s magical realist mash-ups are mind-bending, strange and unsettling

Bene rohlmann

Collage by Bene Rohlmann. Gymnast and the 1972 demolition of the Pruitt-Igoe public housing complex in St.


Tokyo-based art director Sato Masahiro, more commonly known as Q-TA ( combines materials from vintage encyclopedias and magazines to create seamless, surreal collages.


Female Skeleton and Female Model Collage, Black and White Photo Collage, pop art. I thought this was very cool I love skeletons