Inspiração Long Bob Hair, o corte médio super moderno que está fazendo a cabeça das mulheres (e em breve a minha!).

Cabelo: Long Bob Hair

Love Hairstyles for shoulder length hair? wanna give your hair a new look? Hairstyles for shoulder length hair is a good choice for you. Here you will find some super sexy Hairstyles for shoulder length hair, Find the best one for you,

This color is a dream

Rose Gold hair is the perfect mix of red and pink mixed into golden blonde which adds a tactile sensation of color to your hair. Find more Rose Gold Hair here.


The Blorange Hair Color Trend Is Absolutely To Dye For

Meet sunset blonde—also known as "blorange"—which promises to be this year's coolest hair colour trend.

Blorange hair tendência para cabelos coloridos 2017 cor de cabelo loiro e laranja ruivo nude peach hair color trend

Blorange Hair - A cor de cabelo que vai dominar em 2017

Super infográfico com segredos para crescer. Veja mais na nossa home: #dicas #segredos #tutorial

10 Segredos Para Seu Cabelo Crescer Mais Rápido [Infográfico]

Messy boho moment and color using bronze metallics Demi mix with 5vr @kenraprofessional ! 8brm and 5vr on the rootagé and 10brm 5vr on rest ! @hairbesties_

O tom rose gold chegou aos cabelos – e o efeito é incrível

The most perfect color. Messy boho moment and color using bronze metallics Demi mix with /kenra/ ! and on the rootagé and on rest ! Color, Cut and Style by Guy Tang