Luna Myoui

Luna Myoui

an aesthetic board made by a brazilian girl | 18 | kpop · anime · series
Luna Myoui
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When your center of gravity shifts, you are capable of amazing things like…

"So first let pass the horses black and then let pass the brown" Jules murmured, quoting an old faerie poem.

Between all the business men, between all the grey trenchcoats and dark suits, he is just another face in the mass.

"At what point do someone's character flaws begin to define them? When do we become bad people? Can one thing about a person stand between them being defined as good or evil?

Transform yourself into a noble yet mysterious member of the Military with this superb Survey Corps cloak. This hooded cape can protect you from the harsh weather conditions beyond the wall whilst also camouflaging you from the Titans sight. on Titan