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a poster with hands and words on it
a blue fish with its eyes closed and the words in spanish above it are leaves
torn paper with the words confia en la maga written in spanish on it
C o n f i a :3
a woman's face with a piece of paper taped to her forehead that says no greases too lo que pensas
psicoloco (@Psicoloco) / X
a cartoon drawing of a man looking at himself in the mirror and seeing what he's doing
Imagine ☻
No siempre me exijo lo suficiente para recordar de que estoy hecha
the words go where you feel most alive are in white on a green background with a black outline
a pink background with an image of a woman's face in the rain
the words don't ignore your own potential are written in multicolored letters
Don’t ignore your own potential
a black and white drawing of a woman's face with words written on it
a purple wall with a sign on it that says most of the stuff you're worrying about won't happen
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