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Review of the Venture by Xero Shoes - A barefoot running sandal.

The Xero Shoes Amuri Venture is one of the most top-rated barefoot running sandals, comes with a warranty and is great for ultramarathons.

Barefoot Running Sandals - Amuri Z-Trek by Xero Shoes

Looking for a pair of barefoot running sandals without the bothersome toe strap? You'll love the Amuri Z-Trek from Xero Shoes.

Półbuty DUO MEN-126

Półbuty DUO MEN-126

O Lado de Cá: Acessórios para bike

Strap these vibration-free mirrors on the backs of your hands to improve rear visibility. Microadjustable Velcro® strap for a custom fit. Won’t interfere with hand movements. Convex safety lens Rearview mirrors for ATV, motorcycle or bicycle riders Vibrat

Review of dual-sport adventure motorcycle boots SIDI Alpinestars TCX Forma Gaerne Dainese, whew!

When I started looking for a pair of dual-sport adventure motorcycle touring boots to ride in Baja, I found a confusing array of brands and materials. Being the travel gear geek that I am, I invest…

Um modelo indicado para uma utilização de mototurismo de aventura, para estrada ou fora dela.

For the two-wheeled wanderluster who goes where the adventure takes him, the TCX Drifter Waterproof Boots will keep your feet firmly planted on the ground.