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Omg mabel..

OH MY GLOB! My two fav things combined together but I would want to be stuffed in a Foxy suit beacuse Foxes and Pirate's are badass like red-panda's. -Hadley Sellers-----Same! Lemmie be Foxy!


Oh no she is absolutely like me sometimes the security has to stop me petting the stuffed animals<<<Wow, I respect you so much more now, random stranger. You go pet those stuffed animals!

After NWHS, I had trouble believing Grunkle Stan's name is Stanford; and we haveā€¦

Edit: This post was made before we knew for sure that Stanley/Stanford was the author, or that he even existed. As such, this theory does not line up with actual events in Gravity Falls.

oh, Gravity Falls. I love you.

I paused this the first time I saw the episode because I just knew something awesome would he there. It did not disappoint.<<Writing jokes for cartoons is more important than sleep XD

XD thanks

Then they sing it at the end to Pacifica's trainer. Yeah, I'm kinda happy Dipper declined.<<< even so, still Disney XD