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a wall light that is on the side of a wall
Ariel Sconce | HOLLY HUNT
HOLLY HUNT Ariel Sconce. Contact Avondale Design Studio for information on purchasing any of the products we highlight on Pinterest. We can often provide significant savings over retail pricing.
four glass balls on metal poles in different sizes and shapes, with one light turned on
Glo floor lamp 3d model by Design Connected
Glo floor lamp 1
a living room filled with furniture and a lamp
modern furniture & lighting | spencer interiors, vancouver | floor lamps
Penta Light - Metal 'China Floor Lamp' designed by Nicola Gallizia
two glass lamps sitting on top of a wooden table next to a stair case in an old building
Irridesent Italian glass floor light | gold black and rose gold designer lamp
Light up your home in Italian designer style with the gorgeous modern irridescent Glo floor lamp from Penta Light. You can get it in 6 colours at : http://www.italian-lighting-centre.co.uk/italian-glass-crystal/coloured-glass-floor-lamp-from-penta-light-p-8366.html#.VUI5u_nF9j9
the floor lamp is next to a black chair in front of a concrete wall and window
Ray Floor Classic Dimmable Lamp in Glossy Black, White or Grey
Ray F2 floor lamp Flos | design x Rodolfo Dordoni
three lamps with different shades on them
KTribe F2 Floor Lamp - Lighting
KTribe F2 Floor Lamp by Philippe Starck for Flos
two floor lamps with one light on each side and the other off to the side
Floor Lamp 00905
The bigger floor lamp and than the smaller | #InteriorDesign #Decor #FloorLamp…
a black and gold floor lamp on a white background, with the light turned off
Modern Floor Lamps: Standing Lamps & Tripod Lamps | CB2
black meets brass. The combo of the moment lights up the room in a two-tone concept by designer Paul Isabella. Scaled to refined proportions, fluid steel form gives rise to a contrast of sleek brass and matte black, shifting from base to shade. Isabella envisions the angular silhouette as "craning its 'neck' down as it puts out light. " Gleaming brass interior of shade illuminates a golden glow with included 13W CFL bulb.
a black and white chair with wooden legs
31 предмет для столовой
Стул Rainbow из коллекции Oro by Alessandro La Spada, текстиль, Besana
a bathroom sink sitting under a mirror next to a wooden cabinet with drawers and lights on it
hjl studio: design culture : 네이버 블로그
Natural stone + wood bathroom. Sleek, thin vertical mirror, LED light.
an empty bathroom with pink walls and mirrors
Universal Design Studio creates interior for J&M Davidson
J&M Davidson by Universal Design Studio
a round table in the middle of a room with white walls and gold trimmings
Anne Fontaine boutique by Gabriel Kowalski, Paris
Anne Fontaine boutique by Gabriel Kowalski Paris
a bathroom with a large circular mirror above the sink and black countertop, along with two white balls hanging from the ceiling
Hervé Goluza
Frederic Sicard // Parisian Apartment // circular mirror; black mirror; granite; pendant light