Don't cry to night by Omar Gordillo Soto. What I would GIVE to be able to draw like this! The tear drop is so realistic. I love it!

Crying is how your body speaks when your mouth can't explain the pain you feel...

Her eyes are crying. Crying is often how your body speaks when your mouth can't explain the pain you feel.


She watched the knife come towards her as tears fell from her eyes. She couldn't even find the heart to close her eyes. The one person she thought was saving her drove a knife into her stomach.

In Civil War when Bucky finally sees Lily for the first time in a long time with a clear head. Lily lets out a tear she can't control and Bucky's shaky hand reaches up to cup her cheek.

Yes, I have blue eyes and yes I cry...as I get older it seems more and more...

How amazing it is that someone can break your heart but you still love them with all the little pieces . I cry for the time you were almost mine. I cry for the memories I've left behind. I cry for the pain, for the old, for the new. I cry for…

Rejection is God's way of saying "Wrong direction."-have faith in The Lord and walk in the path he has before you. Walk by faith.

Tackling Your Paranoia: Methods To Combat Paranoid Episodes - By A Fellow Sufferer

there is never a happy person because deep down the are sad and its okay to be sad it tells us that our heart needs to feel pain comment if this is you