como dobrar lençol com elástico.

And to think I've gone all my life wondering how to fold fitted sheets neatly! 4 Ways to Fold Bed-sheets

How to fold a towel into a roll.

How awesome is that feeling when youre on holiday and youve been out in the sun all day, you come home to a freshly cleaned room, walk into the bathroom and grab one of those beautifully rolled towels off the shelf and hop into a nice relaxing shower.

Google search of Konmari method folding clothes

(If you don't know where that phrase comes from tune into this commercial and wait for where Jonathan has his breakout acting moment / a catch phrase was born.) This tidying up has been tough work. In America, when we discuss.

I immediately went and hung all 3 pair of my boots...

Simplify Your Closet: Have a case of Collapsed Boots? Grab a tension shower curtain rod. Lock it in place and hang 'dem boots!

Folding styles

I can never remember how to fold towels like this. Which is kind of silly.


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DIY Jewelry Towers [Tutorial] : cardboard cylinders (or oatmeal containers) + cup hooks or push pins