Ribbon dispenser from a Tic Tac container...love

"Sweet" Ribbon Dispenser

Ribbon dispenser from a Tic Tac container. I'd need a lot of tic tac containers for my ribbon stash.

Toilet tissue tube to tame cords

50 All-Time Favorite New Uses for Old Things

Extension cord stored in toilet paper roll. Reuse Toilet Paper Roll as Cord Holder Contain extra extension cords by wrapping the length of one around your hand then sliding the whole thing inside the tube.

Tic tac holder!

Tic-Tac container of bobby pins for the bottom of your purse. I have an empty tic tac container in there now


Cut off the handle part of a discarded plastic jug, and use it as a scoop/shovel/dustpan. - good for poop scoop

Para evitar derrames

I've got to do this one! This is the thing I dislike most about these drink dispensers . the dripping of the drink all over the floor below. Drip catcher cut from a plastic bottle.