if you love me you will build me this for the downstairs back…

21 Stunning Bookshelves You’ll Want For Your Home

Built in tree book shelf - Inspiration Only but this is gorgeous. I so want this in my next home. There is also another tree on my project board I want to put in the same room as this. This would be great for a kid& room.


DIY Modular Outdoor Seating

Cantinho aconchegante e de bom gosto. Os detalhes em tons de amarelo deram a vida. Gostei.

Boas ideias em Apartamentos Decorados

So many cool stuff, that we could actually assemble infinite perfect office spaces! Every week we'll assemble a perfect office, and we'd like you to help us.

Duas maneiras de fazer o banheiro parecer maior - Casa

Duas maneiras de fazer o banheiro parecer maior

Tiny homes have to make efficient use of space and that includes the bathrooms. A tiny house bathroom has to accommodate a toilet, a bath and/or shower, and a sink in a very small amount of space.

Duas maneiras de fazer o banheiro parecer maior - Casa

Duas maneiras de fazer o banheiro parecer maior

Duas maneiras de fazer o banheiro parecer maior - Muy interesante la distribución.

Para pequenos banheiros grandes soluções

Para pequenos banheiros grandes soluções

Don’t Install a Shower Door. If your bathroom is roughly 5 feet wide, that is just enough space to squeeze in a toilet and a 30- by 60-inch tub. With these tight conditions, you may want to consider a glass panel instead of a glass shower door. It will keep most of the water in the shower, freeing up additional elbow room.

40 Stylish and functional small bathroom design ideas

3 tips for small bathrooms, bathroom ideas, home decor, small bathroom ideas, Wagner Studio Architecture VS : I like the use of in wall space.


This is the most beautiful bathtub I have ever seen. beautifully crafted bathtubs, each one carved by artist Mario Dasso from fallen calden trees - Mio Buenos Aires Hotel


Black pebble tile shower pan and Bali Cloud Grey pebble tile for bathroom floor. Gorgeous natural bathroom design, modern walk in shower

Que tal o charme de um banheiro do campo?

I LOVE LOVE LOVE the tub and sink! only if the tub can be lounged in! Lovely French Country Home Interiors and Outdoor Rooms with Rustic Decor

Bem Legaus! Cesto de roupa suja...

A shark that devours clothes not people. Felt Shark Laundry Hamper might be placed both in the bathroom for laundry or in a child’s room as a basket for toys.